We’re evolving

We’re evolving
September 17, 2021 Jacqui Griffiths

A month ago we engaged a creative agency to review our logo and perhaps give it a bit of a refresh. We were surprised when their first request was to bring six of their senior team to our office to learn more about our business and our story. What came out of that discussion was not an updated logo but a new business name and a new tag line.


Why the name change from Slipstream Coaching to Slipstream Group?

We started in 2015 with one business coach, today we have five coaches and we are actively looking for coaches #6 and #7. There is significant value in the reality of having this group debating the best strategies for particular clients or seeking advice from one another about a shareholding or similar matter that has arisen within our client base.

All of our coaches have owned, operated and successfully sold their own accounting and/or financial planning businesses. They spend their time advising and supporting our clients to achieve their business and life goals… however, not one of them has any formal “business coaching” education. Instead, they have business runs on the board and sat in the same seat making the same tough calls that our clients make. I’ve always thought “business coaching” was franking a bit dodgy and undersells the experience, education and wisdom of our team.

Also we don’t just offer coaching, we are advisers, run events, have supported people with life planning, measure and advise on financial performance, and in the past 12 months we rolled out a business planning program for a large listed business with 100 locations Australia wide. We are exceptional coaches, but that is just one of the many hats we wear for our clients.

Trust: A person or thing on which one relies. Charge. Custody. Care.

Worthy: Having adequate or great merit, character or value. Deserving.

It’s what your clients expect of you and it’s what our clients expect of us.

One of our company values is to Be Worthy. Worthy of the clients who engage us, worthy of the people who choose to be part of our team and worthy of any accolades or opportunities that come our way. It feels right to have these words front and centre and share them with you. Check out the below time lapse video from our office.