Turning your resolutions into reality

Turning your resolutions into reality
December 1, 2017 Scott Charlton

How some simple processes will help you to achieve your goals for the year ahead



It’s great to set goals. It’s even better to achieve them. This article provides suggestions as to how you can achieve the targets and resolutions you’ve set yourself for the upcoming year.



Before I tell you about the upcoming 12 months, I’d like to share the little process I undertake during my year end vacation. Whilst the focus of this time is family and relaxation, I always take time to reflect upon the year just gone. In doing this, I make notes in the journal I keep for this purpose. It’s here where I rate the year that was, scoring seven criteria of my own design out of 10, giving an overall rating out of 70. This provides an annual gauge of happiness and achievements. It’s fascinating to see how these scores have ebbed and flowed over the years.

I love this time of reflection because it’s here where I put a framework on the year ahead. Truly, the most wonderful present I could ask for is the gift of a brand new year to shape as I see fit. Sitting quietly on the beach, I enjoy thinking about what would constitute good outcomes to reflect upon in 12 months time.


What I’ve learned about setting goals and making resolutions

I’d like to share the formula I’ve refined over many years, to achieve my annual goals.

  • The goals must be sufficiently ambitious to capture my imagination/stimulate my interest. I see others have the same idea – for example Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook sets an incredibly ambitious goal each year, which is widely published.
  • Laundry lists of good intentions get quickly forgotten as the year unfolds.



If you haven’t already set your plans for the year, it’s certainly not too late to get going. In my experience, any time in December or January is great. In fact, it’s always a good time to set plans for the future. After that, give yourself the best chance of achieving these goals by hardwiring them into diary commitments and daily routines.  Here’s to a successful year ahead.



Scott Charlton is a Director of Slipstream Coaching, a company dedicated to assisting financial practitioners achieve their potential. Since 2002, Scott has been applying and refining a practical approach to performance improvement based upon his own experiences as a professional practitioner and from coaching hundreds of financial services firms.

Scott is an author of three books, written for professionals in practice. He is also a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a member of CPA Australia and an Associate Fellow of Australian Institute of Management. For more information on Scott and his professional activities, refer to www.scottcharlton.com.au. Scott can be contacted by phone 0409 870 330 or via email scott@slipstreamcoaching.com.au.