Samantha Ord

Samantha Ord

Client Experience Manager

About Samantha…

Samantha thrives in a close community where people come to appreciate the skills and positivity that she contributes to joint outcomes. Her passion for helping others fits hand in glove with Slipstream Coaching’s desire to help our clients achieve their potential.

Samantha brings considerable experience to her role as Client Experience Manager here at Slipstream Coaching. Samantha’s professional background includes industries ranging from promotional marketing, construction, insurance, mining and IT. Amongst the many roles Samantha has played in these industries, the common thread has been applying a mix of creativity and common sense to secure outcomes which have exceeded stakeholder expectations.

Leading the way with client experience, Samantha is on hand at every step in our clients’ journeys, from the initial Welcome Call appointment through to making arrangements for group meetings, webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions.


Samantha loves all things bright, colourful, creative and fanciful. She is an avid reader and consumer of films and television, enjoying all things pop culture. She always has creative pursuits on the go, whether it be renovating furniture, sewing, baking, painting or working on her first novel. She also loves to dance, attending a dance school not far from our office multiple times a week. Currently, she is saving up for a USA road trip where she hopes to experience all the Deep South has to offer.

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