Ramona Pupi

Ramona Pupi

Executive Assistant

About Ramona…

With her past experience in seeing clients benefit and grow throughout their coaching journey, Ramona was the outstanding choice at a time we were looking to bolster our clients’ experience.

Ramona had previously been immersed in a coaching community and we were delighted when she brought her passion and expertise to Slipstream Coaching. Ramona’s enthusiasm and willingness to help has made her a great fit for the Slipstream team as we strive to provide world-class service.

As the trusty assistant to Sharon, our Director of Business Development, Ramona is often the key person in bringing new coaching clients into the Slipstream Coaching community. You can count on Ramona to be there when a 90-minute business consultation needs to be booked and to respond to requests in her cheery, helpful style.

Certainly, Ramona’s warm personality, organisation, and initiative ensures that every person gets a memorable first impression.

So too behind the scenes, Ramona’s skills are very much in evidence, whether it be working with our customer relationship system or helping to create content to benefit present and future clients.


Ramona thoroughly enjoys trying new experiences to tick off her bucket list. From joining a social netball team to enrolling in her first-ever dance class program, Ramona is up for the challenge. An interesting fact about Ramona is that she has been a long-term crime podcast/books enthusiast as she is fascinated by the psychology. Ramona’s next challenge is to conquer climbing Mount Warning before the end of the year.

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