Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Business Coach


BA, History and Asian Studies; BCOM, Accounting and Finance; Chartered Tax Advisor
Member of the Taxation Institute of Australia

About Rachel…

With a track record of technical tax and accounting excellence, guiding businesses through structuring and operating complexities together with leading a variety of enterprises, Rachel Wilson has what it takes to be a member of the Slipstream Coaching team.

Rachel’s career was forged in the intensely demanding field of international tax advice and corporate advisory, mainly in the offshore oil and gas and mining sectors. It was her ability to readily grasp the substance of her clients’ business objectives and chart a course through challenging legal terrain that made Rachel a highly respected adviser. Whilst it was Rachel’s innate ability to translate the technicalities into readily understood options, the loyalty she engendered amongst her clients could equally be attributed to an impish sense of humour.
Rachel’s role in leading and growing a prominent accounting firm she co-founded makes her well qualified to coach practitioners aiming for growth and excellence. Whilst maintaining a solid client list herself, Rachel was also the driving force in her firm’s impressive year on year growth. It was Rachel’s vision and focus on personnel development which inspired a relatively young team to grow and prosper, across offices in Perth, London and Houston.

Contributing to the formidable attributes that Rachel brings to her coaching is a fascinating entrepreneurial record. Specifically, Rachael has started and run an eclectic range of businesses in different parts of the world. Critical to this success has been a ready eye for what constitutes a sustainable business opportunity, along with a natural aptitude for taking quick, decisive action.
All of this comes from a very informed, well rounded perspective courtesy of living in different parts of the world and a tremendous appetite to take on new ideas. Rachel’s predisposition to learning is readily backed up by her willingness to consider new approaches and harness technology to challenge existing norms. An accomplished speaker, Rachel has also taken a number of business colleagues under her wing in a mentoring capacity.

Geography also has had a significant part to play in Rachel’s appointment to Slipstream’s coaching team. Rachel is a proud resident of Perth and shares our desire to bring quality business coaching to accounting and financial planning firms in the West. It’s a powerful combination, matching as it does Rachel’s business acumen and local presence with the Slipstream coaching framework and infrastructure.

Rachel will readily volunteer that Slipstream’s accumulated frameworks and coaching resources were significant reasons behind her decision to join our team rather than simply “hang out the shingle” as a solo operator. From a Slipstream perspective, we very much appreciate what Rachel brings to the coaching collective. Our approach is all the better for the exchange of ideas, expertise and experiences that happens as a matter of course amongst our coaching team. So too, Rachel shares the enormous pleasure we get from seeing our clients grow and prosper.


Away from work, Rachel has a wide range of interests and a keen appetite to sample different experiences. It’s fair to say with her track record of in living in different places that Rachel is truly a citizen of the world. That being the case, Rachel fits in very readily to the Slipstream team which is a united by a strong desire to travel.

In addition to exuding good humour and a keen sense of fun, Rachel enjoys testing herself in a variety of situations. Whilst not limited to physical endeavours, this desire to explore the boundaries is often expressed in the great outdoors. Skiing and sky diving rank high amongst such endeavours.

Of late however, the setting has been in the form of an indoor sports arena, where Rachel has literally stepped into the ring to test her mettle and pugilistic skills in front of a raucous but supportive corporate audience. Let there be no doubt about Rachel’s determination and willingness to step outside of her comfort zone!
Happily, Rachel balances out these intense activities with Pilates and family time.

All of this comes with a natural interest in others’ well being, a genuine desire to be of assistance and a delightfully positive disposition.

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