Louise Challenger

Louise Challenger

Project Specialist

About Louise….

Blessed with a versatile set of skills and know-how, Louise is the person Slipstream relies upon to undertake a range of important projects to improve our clients’ experience. Notable examples Louise has been responsible for include upgrades to the How-to-Hub, our online resource library and SlipstreamUP, our online reporting tool. With the frequent additions we make to client resources and our never ending desire to assist clients, Louise will be happily contributing for some time to come.

Fortunately, Louise is not afraid to jump in and get things moving. She can confidently organise a group of people, a project or play a support role.  Louise rapidly assimilated into the Slipstream culture and has been happily contributing ever since.

Prior to Slipstream, Louise had several years working in an account management and project management capacity before assuming a wide ranging role within the accounting industry.


Louise is originally from the UK where she studied Performing Arts, focusing on directing and comedy, and was involved in several productions.

Louise’s big passion is getting outdoors and arranging camping trips with friends and family. You can catch her exploring Queensland and northern New South Wales with her husband and daughter. Previous trips include Moreton Island, Fraser Island and the Simpson Desert. They’re always planning where to go next with the next big trip intended for Winton to see the dinosaurs and then on to the Northern Cape of Australia

Another love is Rugby. Having taken up the game later in life, Louise played for the Kilburn Cosmos Club in London where she managed the Men’s A team for several seasons and met her Australian husband.

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