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Find out if Slipstream Coaching is the right fit for you, with our FREE 90-Minute Business Review

This allows us to carefully consider a range of factors to determine the suitability of participants in our coaching program.

While some prospective clients are set on building growth, momentum, and being the best they can be, other clients who seek our services are conscious that their best is a long way off.

Regardless of their motivation, there is one common factor among Slipstream Coaching clients – whether they be accounting, financial planning or multidisciplinary firms, they are all ready for change.

What you will receive from your Business Review

Each business is different, and we’re never sure what we will find, but we promise you this: We won’t sugar coat our findings.

After your review, you will walk away with:

Calculations specific to your firm’s key performance indicators

A 12-month growth forecast for your firm

A detailed list of recommendations to improve your processes


Honesty and transparency are central to our MO. After all, our commitment is to help you, and your business, to reach your potential.

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Before the session, we will gather some details to create an in-depth analysis of your current position. We will then prepare a growth projection analysis to discuss with you.

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