Episode 46 – Podcast with Paul Little – New Slipstream Coach

Episode 46 – Podcast with Paul Little – New Slipstream Coach
March 16, 2020 Scott Charlton
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Podcast with Paul Little, new Slipstream Coach
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Paul Little, who has recently become a coach here at Slipstream Coaching.  Amongst a range of interesting topics, we discuss his transition from being a practitioner himself, some key factors in his success as a practitioner and how he is settling in here at Slipstream. Also, in the Coach’s Corner segment we share some interesting ideas about fostering business growth in your firm.

Paul’s contact details are

Email: paul@slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Phone: 0408 523 711

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/paul-little-a289721a/


The book that Paul mentioned during the interview

The World As It Is: Inside the Obama White House

by Ben Rhodes


Scott’s contact details are:

Email: scott@slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Phone: 0409 870 330

Web: www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Twitter: ScottCharlton1

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/scottcharlton


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