Launch of The BOLD Accountant Workshop March 2017

Launch of The BOLD Accountant Workshop March 2017
March 22, 2017 Scott Charlton

Leading business educator, Scott Charlton has issued a challenge to the accountants of Australia: Step up in 2017 and “be the complete adviser your clients need you to be”


The initiative, themed The Bold Accountant was launched today and invites the partners and leadership teams of accounting firms to participate in a business development workshop that addresses the three key issues that will determine the success or failure of accounting practices of the future.

Brisbane hosted the first of the workshops on Wednesday March 1, 2017.

Scott says, “This workshop addresses the critical conversations accountants need to have with their clients; the services they must offer; and perhaps of greatest importance; whether accountants have the courage to accept that their clients need more assistance.”

Scott Charlton is a director and senior business coach for Slipstream Coaching, a company which specialises in creating better accounting firms by teaching accountants how to be better business people.

Scott says he’s not suggesting that The Sky is Falling In. Nor is he suggesting that radical changes are necessarily needed.  However, he is saying that there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the world is changing and it’s time for accountants to consider a different and importantly, better way to conduct business.

“I was an accountant in practice for 20 years and have coached practitioners for a further 15 years. I know from firsthand experience that the business model for most accountants is flawed,” he said.

He says that clients have unmet needs that go well beyond the tax and compliance services that accountants have traditionally offered.

“Client services need to extend beyond business advice.  This is because every business is operated by living, breathing people – individuals and families – who need guidance and advice about their entire financial well-being – business and personal.  They need well-considered, unbiased advice that will enable them to prosper and be financially prepared to survive a personal calamity.”

The Bold Accountant initiative is supported by a book of the same name, a series of compelling leadership comments and a half-day workshop.

Participants will exit the 3-hour workshop with a succinct diagnostic that will clearly indicate their firm’s capabilities.

“Partners returning to their firms from the workshop will have a clear assessment of the state of play in their business.  It will both indicate the value of the workshop and leave no doubt about what action is required, starting with an honest discussion amongst the Partners,” Scott Charlton said.

For more information please contact Slipstream Coaching on 0473 491 976.