It’s time to get over the “Yes. Buts…” and be BOLD

It’s time to get over the “Yes. Buts…” and be BOLD
March 16, 2017 Scott Charlton

‘Yes. But…’ conversations frequently refer to time and service offerings.  For example: “Yes. But I’m already busy” or “Yes. But our strengths are in traditional areas of practice.”  For many accountants who know they need to change, “Yes. But…” conversations are at best supporting outdated belief systems, and at its worst damaging the future prospects of their firm.

The most common Yes. But… refers to implementing changes that will in the long run provide partners with more productive time, and ultimately greater prosperity.

As a business, you need to look at the clients you work with. Equally as a partner; it means being very focused about your role. Replacing your admin duties and low level client work with services where you add more value to clients is part of the change required.  Incidentally, this also generates more revenue for the firm.

So, in the context of collaboration with other professionals, let’s consider what you as a partner should and should not be doing. Keep in mind that it’s far better to proactively control your workload than to have competing obligations piling up around you.

Excellence in collaboration entails lots of meetings, with clients and their other professional advisers.  It’s here where you are being of immense value to clients. It stands to reason that while you are in these meetings, capable team members must be doing work that traditionally you have performed.

So, when you are not with clients or otherwise coordinating value-based projects, a significant part of your role will be training and mentoring your team and developing systems. This is so that work is performed to the high standard that would be expected if you were doing the work yourself. At other times, you will be instructing team members about new accounting engagements arising from these projects.  You should also be investing some creative time with your collaborative partners, considering what can be made to work better and other services which can be offered.  Starting to get the picture? This is a business with fewer clients, more valuable relationships, much more interesting work and greater financial returns.

The Bold Accountant Workshop, which also served as the launch for Scott Charlton’s latest book of the same title, enjoyed an enthusiastic reception by Brisbane accountants earlier this month.  Here is a look inside to when we asked: “What would you say to someone who was thinking of attending the Bold Workshop?”

“Don’t think about it – just do it, invest in yourself even if it was to confirm that your path you’re on now is the right one for you”
Annette Sheppard, Super Concepts

“You should come! Very insightful.”
Johan Venter,  DLA Partners

“Great enthusiasm of presenters which motivate thinking”
Deb Smith, P+Y

“Must do it!”
Peter Johnson, The SMSF Expert

“Great to reinforce/refocus on our business, the team and our clients”
Samara Badgery, Integrity Wealth

In 2017 Scott Charlton has issued a challenge to accountants, asking them to step up “be the complete adviser your clients need you to be.”  In order to meet the challenge. Scott understands that Accountants need to be bold.  They need to have critical conversations with their clients; offer the sort of services clients may not know they need; and have the courage to accept that they may not have the skills or the knowledge they need to meet their clients’ requirement.

The solution lies in a program aptly named, The Bold Accountant.  To find our more contact Slipstream Coaching.