In the Slipstream – Episode 4 – Talent Development

In the Slipstream – Episode 4 – Talent Development
September 16, 2016 Slipstream Coaching
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Name: In The Slipstream – Episode#4
Artist: Brenton Ward &Scott Charlton
Album Artist: Brenton Ward & Scott Charlton
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Scott Charlton is a coaching director at Slipstream coaching and he talks about talent development in this podcast. He talks about making the most of the human resources in a company. He gives an insight about making an action development strategy and obstacles in the way and how to handle them. Talent development also includes building resilience for when the team members go on holidays or leave you altogether, there’s a group of people who would be interested in stepping up and proving themselves.

Outsourcing can go from a person doing a few hours of work from their home to a full on commercial enterprise going in a country. Outsourcing enables you to use your overall capability and there is a whole new world out there in terms of support functions. It complements the things that you have chosen to do in house.


Scott shares important talent development and outsourcing strategies with us:
o Not enough thought and consideration is given to regular training
o Don’t wait until there’s a crises and have a strategy ready in case of one
o Drawing two organizational charts, one identifying immediate gaps and the other forecasting what’s going to happen in two years’ time and making strategies based on them
o Focus on outsourcing and reaching maximum capability to boost the production


00:00 Welcome to another episode of In The Slipstream
00:20 Today’s guest introduction – Scott Charlton – director of coaching
02:45 In terms of accountants, too much partner time doing and not spending enough time to identify opportunities.
08:35 Finding the recruits and building a development strategy to have a deeper insight into this
13:00 Managing the team members in emergency situations by outsourcing and optimizing the potential
20:05 HTC – Highroad – An inspirational story


Scott Charlton’s Website– Scott Charlton is a financial planning adviser, business mentor, business advisor and professional speaker.

Book by Chris Ducker – Find it here


1. Talent development– The key is to consistently try and develop talent among young people and make them a part of your team so that the workload is distributed and efficiency is improved.
2. Developing the culture within – It is better to develop your culture from within and filling in your team with young energetic talent and build a resilience to have options in form of people who would want to step up in the time of need.
3. HTC – highroad story – HTC – highroad was one of the most successful teams in professional cycling ever. Throughout its history, it was one of the least financially stable teams ever. The team was largely funded by the owner and practitioners can relate to that. The key to their success was that they would scout out young and exceptionally talented riders and add them to their team.