In The Slipstream – Episode 3 – A glimpse Into the Life of a Razor Sharp Analyst to the Accounting and Financial Planning Profession

In The Slipstream – Episode 3 – A glimpse Into the Life of a Razor Sharp Analyst to the Accounting and Financial Planning Profession
September 16, 2016 Slipstream Coaching
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Sharon McClafferty is the business development director at Slipstream Coaching. In a wide ranging discussion, Sharon talks about her passion for finding the keys to unlocking better results in the professional services firms she works with.

Sharon gives us a glimpse into the conversations she has with partners and how she has been able to help Accounting and Financial Planning businesses all over the country. Sharon is has been the catalyst of partners creating massive change in their businesses for the better. She explains what process she takes partners through to understand their true potential and how they can quick wins from proven strategies.


Sharon shares important business decision making points with us:
o Sharon’s own personal growth and how she went on to work with over 800 accounting and financial firms.
o What approach to follow when you are talking with the partners?
o A success story highlighting how one firm went about doubling the average spend of each client.
o Starting points for firms looking to grow or challenge the status quo.


00:00 Welcome to another episode of In The Slipstream
00:06 Today’s guest introduction – Sharon McClafferty– a Razor Sharp Analyst and business development director at Slipstream coaching.
03:03 More about the unique title – Razor Sharp Analyst and how she got that title
06:57 Approach while talking to the partners and getting numbers from them
12:00The position partners are in when initially talking with Sharon
27:55 Sharon’s contacts


Slipstream coaching website– All of Sharon’s details here.

You can also follow Sharon on Twitter at Sharon McClafferty

To have a look at the book that Sharon mentioned, follow this link.

To book a complimentary business performance review with Sharon, you can contact her directly on
0473 491 976 or



1. Razor Sharp Analyst – A unique title but one that really fits and describes what Sharon does. It was given to her by Scott Charlton after he witnessed Sharon in action at one her visits to a local Accounting firm.
2. Business referrals – The opposite of happiness is actually not un-happiness, it’s actually apathy. Apathy is actually the killer of happiness.
3. An inspirational success story – Sharon shared a success story where she helped a financial planning business owner understand how to double hisspend per client and completely revolutionize how the firm operates in terms of revenue and profits.