In The Slipstream – Episode 2 – Brett Cribb’s Journey

In The Slipstream – Episode 2 – Brett Cribb’s Journey
September 16, 2016 Slipstream Coaching
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Name: In The Slipstream – Episode#2
Artist: Brenton Ward & Brett Cribb
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Brett Cribb is one of the founders and co-owners of Stratus Financial Group and he won the firm of the year award in 2016. He’s got a really interesting story as to what made his business what it is today. He wasn’t always in this business but he used to be a mining engineer and he started out of nothing as a financial planner in 2000.

In this podcast, he talks about how being a former mining engineer, he understands that mining and resources professionals often work in pressurized and demanding environments which can prevent adequate analysis of complex financial matters in order to determine how best to harness the full benefit of income and earnings.He helps executives, professionals and business owners explore their financial options to implement a bespoke financial plan that enables financial and lifestyle choices that are not reliant upon ongoing employment or working in their businesses.


Brett’s journey is very inspirational and he has some key points for us to learn a lot from:
o From mining engineer to a financial planner and starting a business from scratch
o How his previous experience made him do things differently and more creatively
o How Brett managed to succeed despite having no experience in marketing and how Wendy helped him in that situation
o Strategies to pick up an ideal client
o Outsourcing to improve the efficiency of the business


00:00 Welcome to another episode of In The Slipstream
00:10 Today’s guest introduction – Brett Cribb – owner of the business that won the firm of the year award in 2016.
02:45 Background of Brett Cribb
13:51 Where did the coaching program came on and how Brett became a part of it
19:27 What is the journey that Wendy has taken him on to get to where he is today?
21:45 What are some general challenges firm are facing and how to overcome these challenges?
29:03 Importance of using software in any business to improve the efficiency
29:29 Keeping the team organized and still be able to achieve the goals Brett wants to achieve as a business owner.
32:40 A great piece of advice for people commence in their own business or do their own transformation


Stratus Financial Group– Stratus Financial Group is the winner of the prestigious ‘2016 Principal Practice of the Year’, presented at the Fortnum Financial Advisers Awards held recently.

Brett Cribb’s LinkedIn – Strategic Financial Adviser for Resources & Mining Executives, Professionals & Mining Sector Allied Services Owners


1. Ambition– It takes guts and courage to do such a huge career shift that Brett did – from being a mining engineer to a successful financial planner, he gave everything he could and the key here is that one should never stop learning and it’s never too late to start fresh and start new.
2. Idea day at the office – Brett defines his ideal day at the office when he is seeing clients, making databases of the clients and he knows that at least one of 100 clients will be an ideal one. He helps the clients achieve their financial goals and loves working with them.
3. Excellent income management structures – Brett is ideally placed to engage in meaningful dialogues that include specializations in managing complex employee share schemes, establishing income management structures for both wealth preservation and protection within a diversified and flexible platform, and providing assistance when negotiating remuneration packaging for executives.