In The Slipstream – Episode 1 – A Coach’s Journey

In The Slipstream – Episode 1 – A Coach’s Journey
September 16, 2016 Slipstream Coaching
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In this episode, we talk with Scott Charlton, head of coaching at Slipstream Coaching. Scott gives us his insights on being a professional business coach and his interest in helping accounting and financial planning firms to reach their potential. He touches on his earlier years as an Accounting practitioner, working in the big end of town and then also owning his own practice. We then dive into his transition into the world of business coaching and the journey that has lead him to be the owner of a business coaching firm, a 3 x published author, sought after speaker and well respected commentator to the wider professional services community.
We also discuss the various challenges firms face and how to tackle them and turn them into opportunities.

There is lots to learn from this professional business coach -his past experience, practical knowledge of the profession and is empathetic but impartial enough to give a professional advice.


Scott shares some valuable learning points with us:
o Scott’s career change and how he became a great business coach
o Qualities of a good business coach
o Why do accountants and financial planners need a business coach in the first place
o A great day at the office


00:00 Welcome to another episode of In The Slipstream
00:06 Today’s guest introduction – Scott Charlton – Author of Your Professional Headspace and co-director of Slipstream.
02:40 Background of Scott Charlton
05:32 Scott’s definition of a business coach
09:37 Why do accountants and financial planners need a business coach in the first place?
14:45 What are some general challenges firm are facing and how to overcome these challenges?
18:11 Dealing with external factors and making the most of the opportunities
27:55 Concept of a great day at the office.


Scott Charlton’s Website– You can find out more on Scott at his personal website or the online home of Slipstream Coaching –


1. Hope – Scott has emphasised on a really effective technique that hope is the strongest emotion humans face.The most powerful human emotion is hope. This is a part of things he does with practitioners by showing them that there’s a better tomorrow. He gets the journey started in their minds by making them follow the proven pathways.
2. Business referrals – Practitioners don’t need to move mountains to get business referrals. This is a matter of simple steps and making connections with people in usual everyday course of business.
3. Implementing an action plan – Most firms have a sad history of starting new things and they lose focus and confidence with time. To start new things, they must focus on skills in project management and attack it in a business like way to achieve new goals.