How To Create Valuable Marketing Material

How To Create Valuable Marketing Material
May 4, 2018 Scott Charlton

Developing Compelling Messages For Your Target Clients Is Easier Than You Think



Be it for social media posts, your website or the Firm’s newsletter there comes a time when practitioners need to say something interesting about the work they do.

Whilst on the surface, the challenge is finding time to create marketing material, it’s often more a case of knowing where to begin. Being confronted by a blank screen can be quite intimidating!

This article provides a starting point that will have you producing quality, original content in next to no time.


You Already Know What To Write About

Think about the conversations you have with clients all the time. Doubtless, there are particular ways you’ve developed to explain important concepts and complex technical rules which are common to your clientele.

Perhaps you have diagrams which you sketch during such conversations – maybe even ones you can draw upside down! Other elements of these meetings might incorporate slideshows, statutory limits and references to benchmarks.

I suggest that you select two or three of these topics to start with. Map each one out in a flow chart which depicts how a conversation with a client on the subject typically flows.

This is also a good opportunity to think through what you have been doing ad hoc. Most likely you will find ways to refine the way you’ve been presenting the topic. For example, you could organise for your “mud map” diagrams to be professionally presented. Other points of interest could be developed and then formalised into comparison charts and examples.


Complete A Full Narrative Version Of The Flowchart, Sparing No Detail

It’s now time to put a narration to your outline.

The good news is that it’s not necessary to type away for hours in solitary confinement to complete this task. There are highly satisfactory alternatives that will save you time and lead to better outcomes. For example, talk it through with a colleague, with the record button on your smartphone on, then use an outsource service to type up the audio file created. Alternatively, have a team member sit in on a client meeting, then write up the notes thereafter.

Keep in mind that we are simply looking to capture everyday discussions that you have with clients. Happily, a conversational style makes for a document which is easy to read and understand.


Create A Polished Written Document From The Transcript

Some of these documents might be quite short; in which case you could consider making them into a series of “Fact Sheets”. For longer documents; a “strategy paper” format, complete with header page, appendices and references would be appropriate. The net result showcases the wisdom accumulated over the course of your career.


Presentation Of Your Content

Once the article is written, think about illustrations to make this content come alive. Here are some ideas to get you started –

  • Simply type “Pictures of ….” into Google. There are many quality images which are either free or inexpensively procured. (Just make sure you provide attribution and/or pay the appropriate royalty.)
  • Develop some flowcharts or diagrams
  • Commission some cartoons – this can be inexpensively outsourced and clients will love the injection of humour whilst simultaneously having their understanding enhanced

Also, consider other means by which your valuable content can be readily digested by your intended audience. These days it’s quite feasible to create webinars and to set up a channel on You Tube.

It’s here where practitioners often short change themselves by thinking only in terms of the skills and resources currently within their office. However with astute engagement of skills from outside experts, world class production is within the reach of even the tightest budget.


Keeping Momentum Going

It’s remarkable how much valuable secret sauce can be developed by sustaining this effort over a long period. You will be delighted with the outcomes, with an ever growing library of marketing content that reflects what’s special about your firm.


Scott Charlton is a Chartered Accountant and a director of Slipstream Coaching, a company dedicated to assisting financial practitioners to achieve their potential. A long term business coach to both accountants and financial planners, Scott is also the author of three books regarding professionals in practice. Scott can be contacted by phone 07 3221 3796 or via email