Factory Management Day

This workshop will help your Production Manager optimise how your firm Delivers the Goods for clients, whilst optimising available resources.
Not only will attending this event make your Production Manager feel supported and appreciated, it will give him/her the skillsframeworks and tools to do an even better job upon returning to the office.
Attendees will also have the invaluable opportunity to meet and interact with others who perform the same role in firms similar to yours. All participants will be warmly encouraged to keep in touch with one another post the day, forming an invaluable support network.

A word from the ACE Specialist Coach
Kathy Maguire

In my working life, I’ve enjoyed three distinct careers:  I’ve taught teenagers … and survived; worked as a management consultant developing and implementing strategy and change; and finally, I’ve worked in the Financial Services industry developing customised business management systems to help businesses simplify operating procedures, solve problems and succeed in achieving their specified goals.

I’ve worked as a teacher, a manager, a coach, salesperson and business manager.  I’ve spent time in large corporate environments across Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and totally enjoyed working in small businesses, especially in the financial services industry.

These days I call myself a business consultant and coach. Truth be told, I care much more for helping clients implement and to achieve results than I do for what my role is labeled.

Many of my clients have won awards within their dealer groups and industry associations – including an IFA Best Practice Award winner.  I enjoy providing coaching and support to Practice Managers and look forward to seeing them thrive, grow and succeed.

I’d welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to you and in particular, I’d love to have your firm’s Factory Manager at our special day.

Best wishes


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