My first visit to Xerocon

My first visit to Xerocon
September 12, 2017 Scott Charlton

I’m off to Melbourne later today, in readiness to attend the Xerocon conference which is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

It’s my first visit to this forum and in all likelihood one that’s well overdue. Certainly, the market trend for a few years now has been inexorably towards Xero and the annual conference seems to induce a certain fervour amongst its users.

I’ve got three main objectives for attending.

  • A glimpse into the future. I’m really interested to listen to what the main presenters have to say about the future of the accounting profession and the trends emerging that they believe will have significant implications for practitioners. Quite simply, the practitioners I work with expect me to be across this stuff.
  • Shoot the breeze. It’s such a great opportunity to catch up with current clients. Great conferences are such a wonderful catalyst for ideas and inspiration. So much the better that clients can download their thoughts with me in the moment.
  • Financial analysis software. This is crucial. I’m in the process of developing a Virtual CFO Kit, a resource which will fast track the progress of accounting firms wanting to offer this service to their clients. Whilst in practice myself a few years ago, this was an area which captured my attention and the guide I’m creating will provide lots of practical insights and tips that will fast track progress.

Underpinning the CFO service has to be a small set of powerful tools, which enable the practitioner to swiftly analyse results, model different scenarios, create projections and monitor outcomes. The software I used back in the day to undertake these functions has doubtless passed into history. I’m looking for modern day equivalents that surpass the tools that were integral to the service I provided.

So, if you see me at Xerocon this week, please say hello. Better still, I’d love for you to point me in the direction of some switched on software providers interested in collaborating on this important project.

Joining me at the conference will be Sharon McClafferty, my fellow director here at Slipstream Coaching. How Sharon thrives at Xerocon! It’s Sharon’s role to talk to practitioners about their firm – where it is now and where they would like it to be. The conference provides a great setting for Sharon to chat about such issues and to explore whether a coaching program could be of benefit in achieving the desired outcomes.

The bag is packed and the flight is booked. Let’s see if Xerocon lives up to its reputation!


Scott Charlton is a director of Slipstream Coaching, a company dedicated to assisting financial practitioners achieve their potential. A long term business coach to both accountants and financial planners, Scott is also the author of three books regarding professionals in practice. Scott can be contacted by phone 0409 870 330 or via email