First you must believe… to sell >$100K of new business each month

First you must believe… to sell >$100K of new business each month
May 13, 2016 Slipstream Coaching

I am incredibly fortunate to have two highly skilled business partners with diverse skills and bullet proof integrity. Faith is not a word I utter often but I have complete faith that they will always make decisions and take actions in the best interest of our clients, first, and in the best interest of our business, distant second.

It is my role to select the right clients. Clients we can fundamentally help in a massive way and importantly clients we desperately want to see succeed on their terms. Knowing that we can be instrumental in literally changing the lives of the business owners, their families and in most cases the team members at the firm, compels me to seek out new clients.

How ‘deep’ is this belief?

Well it’s like this: For the right firms joining Slipstream Coaching it is like me selling a winning lotto ticket. I can largely remove any risk and I’m incredibly confident of the return our clients will receive on their investment. However, we only have delivery capacity for so many winning lotto tickets so I have to be choosy. When working with the right people our energy is limitless so I have to be careful to stack the deck with good people, people that we intensely want to see succeed.
Knowing how much we can help a certain group of people…keeping this to ourselves or not sorting out our marketing and sales would be INCREDIBLY SELFISH.

Now to you

Let’s say you are an Accounting firm that has a fantastic cashflow monitoring process that will fundamentally help your business clients run a better business. You are confident in the turnaround time of this service, the client experience and the value… in my opinion you have an OBLIGATION to offer this service to your clients. It is up to them to accept, delay or decline this service but if you BELIEVE it can help them then you MUST tell them.

Let’s say you are a Financial Planning firm and you know that your systems, processes, client experience and client outcomes for a defined group of ideal clients are superior to a) other options and/or b) not having an advisor then you, my friend, should feel compelled to onboard new clients with gusto.

So what if you don’t believe?!

The flip side of this belief is doubt.

  • If you are unsure of the value you are offering clients
  • If your systems and processes are sub-standard (example: If you’re an accountant and your WIP and Debtors are not numbers you would use as an example of how to run a good business)
  • If deep down you are questioning the average client service experience your business offers
  • If you have clients that you know you are underservicing: they might need you to step out of your comfort zone and run a business planning meeting for instance
  • If your new client process is haphazard or drawn out

Then fix it. None of these things need to be permanent. All of these matters we have helped firms overcome.

Build a business you are proud to promote.

Questions, comments and inbox messages all welcome.

Final thought:
This week I had an experienced and confident financial planner confess that he really didn’t know how to run a business and he was the sole director. That is ok but once you acknowledge these things work on fixing them. Firms that have horrible internal KPI’s for many moons are doing a disservice to their clients and drastically limiting their potential.