Episode 64 – Practical tips about buying and selling professional practices

Episode 64 – Practical tips about buying and selling professional practices
November 12, 2021 Jacqui Griffiths

Practical tips about buying and selling professional practices

In this episode we talk with Vivienne Quinn of Quinn & Associates about buying and selling a professional practice. Amongst a range of timeless topics, we discuss why there is still plenty interest in buying fees and firms – notwithstanding this current COVID environment.

For those looking to sell their firm, now or down the track, Vivienne provides practical tips as to how you can maximise your value. Certainly, contemporary invoicing practices (rather than annual in arrears) along with good debtor management and non-compete clauses in employee agreements will avoid potential sticking points in negotiations.

Vivienne provides fascinating insights as to who you will likely be competing against should you wish to purchase a firm. Vivienne also shares some inside knowledge about why it’s taking banks so long to approve the loan applications to purchase professional practices, notwithstanding the strength of one’s application.


Vivienne’s contact details are

Email: vivienne.quinn@quinnassoc.com.au

Phone: 1300 784 888

Website: https://www.quinnassoc.com.au/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivienne-quinn-35168121/


Scott’s contact details are:

Email: scott@slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Phone: 0409 870 330

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottcharlton

Web: www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au


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