Episode 63 – 12 months on: a conversation with Slipstream’s Michael Spinks

Episode 63 – 12 months on: a conversation with Slipstream’s Michael Spinks
September 30, 2021 Jacqui Griffiths

12 months on: a conversation with Slipstream’s Michael Spinks

In this episode we talk with Michael Spinks regarding how he has found his first 12 months as a Slipstream coach.

Amongst a range of interesting topics, Michael speaks about the importance of organisation in one’s firm –

  • Having the right people in the right roles
  • An appropriate meeting structure – who meets with who and when

Michael’s story about business owners getting re-energised about their firms and coming away from our business planning workshop with fresh ideas is particularly heart warming.

During quite a wide ranging interview, Michael also shares his favourite tools in the Slipstream resource library; the importance of having a mentor for guidance and his key tip for creating magnificent home-cooked pizza 😊


Complimentary Business Performance Review

As mentioned during the Coach Corner segment of the podcast, if you are interested in working with Slipstream and/or would like an independent review of your firm please take advantage of our complimentary Business Performance Review.

This is an introductory 90 minute consultation to understand your firm and the future you want to create. We will look at some KPIs from your past years with a view to identifying areas for improvement. The thought-provoking discussion which ensues will range from internal matters such as your engine room, team and the composition of your client base through to outward facing issues such as your growth opportunities and appropriate marketing strategies.

Post this consultation, you will be sent a summary of the discussion and the major recommendations arising, along with a 12 month revenue, profit and growth plan based on your objectives.

To arrange a Business Performance Review please email us at hello@slipstreamcoaching.com.au or call 0473 491 976.


Michael’s contact details are

Email: Michael@slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Phone: 0418 362 470

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/michaelspinks1


Scott’s contact details are:

Email: scott@slipstreamcoaching.com.au

Phone: 0409 870 330

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/scottcharlton

Web: www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au


To take an interest in Tim Lane’s music, which is featured on the episode:

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Website: www.thebackstickagenda.com/

To see film clips and to hear Tim’s music: https://thebackstickagenda.bandcamp.com/

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