Episode 59 – Hustle for a living: with Andrew Jago

Episode 59 – Hustle for a living: with Andrew Jago
February 4, 2021 Scott Charlton

Hustle for a living: with Andrew Jago

Show Notes

In this episode we talk with Andrew Jago about joining the Slipstream Coaching team as our latest business coach.  

Amongst a range of interesting topics, we discuss how financial planners can engage with clients about their business and his views about accountants providing business advisory services. Andrew also shares some interesting aspects about his time practising both as an accountant and as a financial planner.  

We finish off the discussion with Andrew’s well considered views on how the Wallabies can win the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and relate that back to building a successful team in a professional services business.  

During the interview Andrew mentioned a number of resources, details of which appear below – 

The Joe Rogan podcast – readily accessed on the major podcast platforms 

The podcast interview Andrew mentioned – Nick McArdle speaking with Liz Ellis – can be found on the podcast The Playmaker’s Playbook. The interview with Liz Andrew refers to was published in July 2020 

Andrew mentioned a valuation resource in the context of small business clients, from Divest Merge Acquire. For more details, please refer to www.divestmergeacquire.com/resources   

The book that Andrew recommended and Scott endorsed is “The Energy Bus. 10 rules to fuel your life, work and team with positive energy 

And finally, the beer receptacle Andrew mentioned during the interview is a Kegerator, details of which can be found at www.kegerator.com 😊 

Free resource 

To access Scott’s article “Hustle for a Living”, please refer to https://www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au/Hustle_for_a_Living.pdf 


Andrew’s contact details are 

Email: andrew@slipstreamcoaching.com.au 

Phone: 0418 455 404 

Web: www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au 

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/ajago/  


Scott’s contact details are: 

Email: scott@slipstreamcoaching.com.au 

Phone: 0409 870 330 

Web: www.slipstreamcoaching.com.au 

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/scottcharlton  


To take an interest in Tim Lane’s music, which is featured on the episode: 

Facebook: The Backstick Agenda. (Please go and Like this page.) 

Website: www.thebackstickagenda.com/  

To see film clips and to hear Tim’s music: https://thebackstickagenda.bandcamp.com/  

(To purchase Tim’s music, you need to register on Bandcamp before you can download.) 



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