Episode 25 – The Case for Offshoring – Jon Ryall

Episode 25 – The Case for Offshoring – Jon Ryall
May 14, 2018 Scott Charlton
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In this episode we talk with Jon Ryall of Frontline Accounting about The case for offshoring.

Jon is well qualified to discuss this topic as he is both a consumer and provider of these services. Jon shares some very practical information about how offshoring works in practice, all of which is based upon his own experience.

For anyone who has been contemplating whether or not to use offshoring in their business, this episode is a must-listen episode.


“The formula is systems multiplied by the training multiplied by the monitoring equals the performance of the business essentially.” – Jon Ryall

“If you put the effort in and if you have the right structures in place, they’ve come to you looking for a career and they will develop along similar lines to hiring a graduate in your local office.” – Jon Ryall



  • A day in the life of a firm that use offshoring
  • Offshoring vs outsourcing
  • Challenges of offshoring and how to overcome them
  • Tasks and roles that are offshored
  • Education and skill level of offshore team members
  • Managing both onshore and offshore teams
  • Quality control expectations of Australian accounting bodies
  • The future of offshoring

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There were two books of offshoring referred to in the episode –

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