Do you have a clear Organisation Chart?

Do you have a clear Organisation Chart?
May 12, 2016 Slipstream Coaching

Fundamentally, organisation charts are a vital tool for visually communicating your firms structure and identifying who is accountable to each area/position within the business. The following are some top benefits to use organisational chart:

  1. They greatly assist in building and designing the firms overall structure to meet the future goals and objectives of the business.
  2. They provide clarity to all team members on who is accountable for each area of the business.
  3. With your organisation chart, it’s easy to identify if there are directors or team members who are overloaded or underweight with responsibilities as each position on the chart needs to have a team member assigned to it.
  4. It allows managers to better understand whether an employee is competent or incompetent in their work of an assigned position.

A clear, one page organisation chart will ensure all aspects of a well run professional practice are incorporated into your business. What does your organisation chart currently look like?

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