Collaboration in action

Collaboration in action
August 4, 2017 Scott Charlton

Today I facilitated a meeting between a firm of financial planners (who I’ve coached in the past) and an accounting firm (which I’m currently coaching). Both firms are great at what they do.

The purpose of the meeting was to “crank up” their financial planning JV. This enterprise was started 18 months ago and has been ticking over OK. However, it’s been in need of new energy to reach the potential which was behind setting up the venture initially.

The plan is now based upon the accountants making up to 100 referrals this financial year. A range of joint marketing initiatives have been agreed, along with the production of some collateral to best explain the services being rolled out to the accountants’ clients. The Principal of the accounting firm has committed to instigating 30-40 client meetings at which he personally will explain the initiative, with a view to securing clients’ blessing to proceed to the next step. Other senior accountants will be trained to have these conversations with clients as well.

The plan also includes how the overall relationship between the two firms is to be managed, how to make the client experience as seamless as possible and the KPI’s which are going to be tracked.

Happily, there will be ongoing coaching available, through access to me, along with the expectation of being accountable to deliver on the undertakings that have been made.

This very promising development is another brick in the wall that comprises my vision on accountants and planners throughout Australia working together for the benefit of their mutual clients.


Scott Charlton is a director of Slipstream Coaching, a company dedicated to assisting financial practitioners to achieve their potential. A long term business coach to both accountants and financial planners, Scott is also the author of three books regarding professionals in practice, to find out more visit Scott can be contacted via phone 0409 870 330 or email