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Do you dream of increasing your accounting, financial planning or multidisciplinary firm’s revenue?

Do you want to improve its profitability and retain high-quality clients? Or do you just want to structure your business so it doesn’t have to rely so much on you?

If you feel as though your business is being held back, Slipstream’s Peloton Coaching will get you back on track. As our key service, Peloton Coaching is dynamic and unique. We won’t just tell you what you should do; we’ll show you how and keep you accountable to taking action.

What to expect

What you can expect from the Peloton Coaching

Throughout your Peloton Coaching journey, you can expect to be hands-on, participate in discussions, debate and actively work on sharpening your business skills to achieve concrete outcomes. Whether it be making your firm 15-20% more efficient, increasing

average spend per client by 50%, doubling your business value or getting your business to a point so that you can have 12 weeks annual leave each year; Slipstream will help you achieve your version of success.

In business, going it alone is tough

Surround yourself with like-minded practitioners, with our Peloton Coaching

Slipstream’s Peloton Coaching will help you create a network of high-calibre colleagues and the subsequent momentum you need to propel forward to business success.

As the term suggests, the Peloton is a group of achievers; like-minded and determined, working together to achieve performance enriched goals.

How does Peloton Coaching work?

We believe there are eight essential elements required for accounting, financial planning and multidisciplinary firms to reach their true potential.

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