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Breakaway from the status quo with our two-day workshop

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Breakaway from the status quo

Do you wish you had a roadmap guiding your journey through the improvement of your accounting, financial planning or multidisciplinary firm?

Or a plan which highlighted a clear vision for your business and how to get there?

Our two-day Breakaway Business Planning Workshop will not only arm you with this vision but will also help you work towards your dream business life, enable you to attract your ideal clients and assist you to combat professional pressures in a changing landscape.


What to expect

What you can expect from the Breakaway Business Planning Workshop

After completing the workshop, you will have a blueprint for benchmarking the quarterly, 12-monthly and three-year targets necessary for achieving your vision. You will also have an immediate 90-day plan focused on two or three immediate tasks which will make fast and significant impacts on your business.

The Breakaway two-day workshop will instil you with optimism for the future and arm you with the tools you need to get there.

Why attend a Breakaway Workshop?

Don’t let us tell you, here’s what other financial planners, accountants and advisors had to say about our program…

Breakaway from your status quo with our two-day workshop

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