An update from Slipstream HQ #2

An update from Slipstream HQ #2
March 19, 2020 Sharon McClafferty

Good Morning Slipstream Community,

“Be ruthless and disciplined with your time management”
Dominique Schuh

We will be sharing some videos over the coming weeks from the Slipstream Community. First up is Dom Schuh, Director of Schuh Group Wealth Advisers, based in Gympie and Noosa, QLD.

Dom is calm, level headed and determined, as you will see in this 4 minute video about how they are handling this moment of history:

Thank you Dom!

Here is an update from Slipstream HQ:

Webinar for Financial Advisers

Paul Little and myself will be hosting a webinar today at 12:00 QLD / 13:00 AEDT. The content is predominately for financial advisers and includes a 5 point client action plan: Be CLEAR.

C: Communicate

L: Lead

E: Empathise

A: Advise

R: Rationalise

If you’d like to attend or receive the recording, please register here. This event is open to anyone so if you have anyone in your networks that might be interested please feel free to welcome them along.

HR Podcast

Scott is recording a podcast with our HR Adviser, Kearin Lowry, Director of Workforce Positive tomorrow. We will get the episode up on Monday or if possible over the weekend. Subscribe to In The Slipstream anywhere you get your podcasts. Or find it on our website here.

Thinking of you all and I know you’ve got this! Remember to get some sunshine everyday.

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine”

Sharon McClafferty

CEO, Slipstream Coaching

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