An update from Slipstream HQ #3

An update from Slipstream HQ #3
March 27, 2020 Sharon McClafferty

Good Evening Slipstream Community,

Well, that was a rather big week!

For those of you who want to check out how some other Slipstream firms are coping with the turbulence, we have two perspectives (4 mins each) from the one firm: the charming, calm and capable crew at Altitude Advisers.

Adam Hurwood who heads up Financial Planning

Brent Charlton who heads up Accounting

Thank you Adam & Brent!

Here is an update from Slipstream HQ:

Client communication webinar for Financial Advisers

I can highly recommend this webinar recording for any financial adviser but particularly for any team members that were not advising through the GFC. Paul Little, wowed us with a master class on advice and leadership in an easy to digest format.

HR Podcast

Scott recorded a podcast with our HR Adviser, Kearin Lowry, Director of Workforce Positive. They cover a number of topics, see below, and Kearin offered complimentary 15 minute HR triage calls. I’ve used this service many times over the past few years and can highly recommend it, email to arrange.

19.28 – Remote worker expectations + monitoring
24.54 – Helping team deal with isolation
31.00 – Terminating current and new pending team members
37.47 – Managing leave of your team members
40.29 – Managing parents working from home
44.08 – Options for altering work conditions to adapt
46.47 – How recent annualised salary changes are impacted

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Every day I am just so grateful for the team we have here at Slipstream, it’s such a strange luxury to have the exact people I would turn to in a business crisis all within the team.

I am also constantly in awe of the leadership, resilience and compassion I have seen from you, our incredible community of clients. I am loving seeing all your client communications, videos and updates. Well done!

Thinking of you all. I’ll leave the final word to the Irish today…

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

Irish Proverb

Sharon McClafferty

CEO, Slipstream Coaching