An open letter to Accounting Practitioners

An open letter to Accounting Practitioners
June 2, 2020 Scott Charlton

To public practitioners everywhere.

Please take 60 seconds out from your busy day to read this letter.

It’s for you, because you deserve it.

The job you’ve been doing over the past couple of months has been tough – long, demanding hours and keeping your head whilst counselling others. Some of those conversations have been incredibly draining because longstanding clients are facing the very real prospect of losing their livelihoods.

You’ve had to keep it together for your team too. You’ve been that solid, dependable person who has set the example by calmly assessing what needs to be done and then getting on with it.

In the midst of business failures, retrenchments and cutbacks, you’ve kept your (virtual) doors open. And it’s just as well you did!

There’s been new legislation to learn, applications to be lodged and deadlines – Oh, so many documents to be prepared and lodged in ridiculously tight deadlines!

Then let’s not forget. You’ve also had to maintain responsibility for the tax compliance of all clients. Sure, there’s been a deadline extension but this has hardly provided much relief, burdened as you’ve been by needing to read, read, read everything you can get your hands on about the new rules.

Steadily, via phone calls, newsletters, email and webinars you’ve been guiding and educating your clients through a maze of complexity to get them to the point of understanding and a clear course of action. Never underestimate or downplay the significance of this achievement!

Now, we’re not for a minute taking away credit from those in the medical frontline. They deserve every bit of the accolades directed their way.

But we say that you, on the economic frontline, deserve recognition too. For without you, there would be no Government stimulus, there would be no relief for businesses and there would be no hope for all those clients you’ve been counselling and assisting.

We know you’re not motivated by being in the limelight. We know you’d rather be judged by the quality of your work than by public recognition. That’s how you’re wired and that adds to the aura of dependability which radiates from within.

The funny thing is though that clients are so used to you being dependable; the ATO is so used to you meeting your lodgement deadlines and filling out the forms correctly; the Government so utterly assuming that its good intentions will be delivered, that you don’t get nearly the thanks and appreciation for which you are so totally worthy.

Well, we just want to say… we see you. We get you. And we thank you.

Please keep doing what you do.

Scott Charlton and Sharon McClafferty.