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Are you an accountant or financial planner in practice with a revenue of around $500K to $6M? Are you are focussed on achieving a growth target and need help to achieve it? Or, are you dissatisfied with the present, no longer having fun, want to make more of what you’ve got, burning time dealing with less than ideal clients and poor systems?… Slipstream Coaching can help.

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For Financial Planners

The future success of financial planning firms hinges on planners moving their reliance from traditional revenue streams to a more sustainable and rewarding fee-for-service model

For this transition to reap rewards, financial planners must deliver consistently high-quality service to meet clients’ expectations for bespoke advice while efficiently managing the raft of compliance and back-office obligations. Challenges addressed by Slipstream Coaching include practice management shortcomings; recruitment and development of talent and the identification of ideal clients and market segments which will generate higher fees and more satisfying work. Slipstream Coaching helps financial planners target their time, energy and fees to engaged, appreciative and high-value clients.

For Accountants

The accounting landscape is changing with new technologies creating new opportunities

There are also new expectations. Clients are demanding greater financial leadership, and they are prepared to move firms to find it.

The future for accountants in winning clients and maintaining favour for maximising lifetime value is now reliant on continually demonstrating your expertise and leadership through proactive and well executed advisory services

Embracing this new business structure requires a clear vision which includes coming to terms with your professional value, articulating it and achieving team engagement. It also involves identifying ideal clients who will appreciate your value and who will gladly pay for your expertise.

Slipstream Coaching can help you take your business to the next level.

For Multidisciplinary Firms

Clients with complex financial circumstances are looking for a seamless experience, with greater integration of their accounting, financial planning, finance and legal services

However, capitalising on opportunities to service clients’ complete needs and ultimately help them to achieve their goals does come with challenges.

Harnessing the skills of different practitioners to create a combined approach to common client situations takes commitment and a shared vision.

Slipstream Coaching speaks both languages. That is, because we work closely with both accounting and financial planning professions, we understand their respective strengths, concerns and foibles. The results of our assistance include systems which are more aligned and an integrated approach to delivering the best possible outcomes for clients.

How Slipstream can help you

Achieving your potential means asking the tough questions, and putting in the hard work. At Slipstream, we’re with you every step of the way.

Business Planning

An interactive two-day workshop designed to give you the skills to take your business to the next level. At its conclusion, you will have designed a concise one-page plan that not only articulates a clear vision for the future growth of your business but also the roadmap for achieving it.


When working with firms, we focus on eight essentials for success. Our coaching strategy is a tailored and hands-on experience centred on building better businesses and better business people.

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