7 important factors that separate great business coaches from good ones

7 important factors that separate great business coaches from good ones
August 12, 2019 Slipstream Coaching

Slipstream Coaching has a very specific set of rules when it comes to hiring new team members. We believe that coaches should have ‘walked the walk’ before they can ‘talk the talk’. This means that everyone who works as a coach at Slipstream has previously run a successful financial services business.

Not only does this benefit our clients, but it benefits our coaches too. We can add value in ways that many other ‘business coaches’ can barely dream of. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 important factors that we know from experience make good business coaches great.

1. Owned and run an outstanding Accounting, Financial Planning or Multidisciplinary business

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Let’s take our newest coach Rachel Wilson for example. She has recently come on board with Slipstream as a business coach. Previously, Rachel worked in the extremely demanding field of international tax advice and corporate advisory. Her role centred around being able to effectively grasp her clients’ business objectives and then formulate business roadmaps that could navigate the challenging legal terrain. This made Rachel a highly valuable and respected advisor in her field. Her ability to lead a growing and prominent accounting firm that she co-founded is one of the main reasons that we are thrilled to have her on board. At Slipstream, we know and understand the value of having someone with experience on your side.

2. Successfully exited all operational aspects of that business or prosperously sold the business

Phil Little is the perfect example of this. Not only did he grow his own business, but he also mentored his successor and prosperously sold the majority of the business when it was time for him to exit. This is what differentiates Slipstream from other business coaching companies. Sure, they might have some experienced people on board, or the director may have owned a business at one point, but in the financial world, it is hard to make it, and even harder to help someone else make it, if you’ve got no idea what it actually takes. All of the Slipstream business coaches have grown their own financial services businesses and exited those firms to focus all of their energy on being the best coach possible.

3. Achieved significantly above industry average profitability and growth in your firm

It’s what defines us, what separates us and ultimately what makes us the best at what we do. Every business coach at Slipstream has achieved significantly above average profitability in their sector.

4. Be absolutely passionate about coaching others to achieve their potential in business and life

This is the absolute core of our foundation. We believe that often coaches might think they’re great at their jobs because of certain external factors (great at public speaking, personable etc) but they often don’t exhibit the enthusiasm and genuine desire for others to reach their potential in business and in life. Take our Director, for example, Scott Charlton. Scott’s genuine desire to help those he coaches manifests itself in many ways, but his first book is a testament to this. “Your Professional Headspace” was written for professionals who operate their own practices. Throughout this book, he shares not only his breadth of knowledge but practical suggestions to enjoy work and life at the same time.

5. Want to give back to the professions and communities within financial services

Often when working for businesses, there has to be an agenda that aligns with the primary purpose of the business. One of our senior coaches, Phil Little, recognised that the major attraction of working with an independent coaching organisation is that he is able to give advice and provide assistance free of any agenda. Phil, like all of our coaches, has a genuine and ardent desire to help the professionals who reside within the financial services communities.

6. Confident delivering workshops and consulting business strategy

By this point, it should be clear that all of Slipstream coach’s are confident and masters of their realm. They each possess the ability to confidently deliver workshops as well as consult effective business strategies. Let us look at Scott again, our Director. He is highly regarded, having been involved with the Public Practice Certificate Course conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, as well as delivering numerous seminars and workshops around the country. Industry associations often contact Scott to ask him to speak at their conferences. These are the type of coaches that Slipstream employs, and this is the difference between excellent coaches and ‘good’ ones.

7. Our coaches are enthusiastic about life and excited about helping other people achieve their dreams

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When choosing a business coach, it’s imperative that you ask questions to make sure that the coach is the right fit for your business. As Rachel says, “A business coaching plan for a garage will not be the same as one for an accounting firm, it simply just doesn’t work…”. When you join the Slipstream team, you’re not only benefiting from the expertise of your personal coach, you’re also benefiting from the team’s 25yrs of combined business coaching knowledge. Slipstream is enthusiastic about life and excited to help others achieve their dreams.

If you want to grow revenue, maximise profits, boost your team engagement to new highs, enhance not only your lifestyle but those who work for you and transform your business into the best version of itself, Slipstream can help. Our coaching programs provide a flexible, yet tailored framework which is customised specifically for your business. Contact us on 07 3221 3796 or via our online contact form.